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The CallTonic team has years of experience working with call centre owners to achieve optimal results in contact rate and streamlining business processes so your agents spend less time filling out paperwork and more time talking. 

Over the years, our team has built a cloud solution perfect for clean, efficient communication. Consistently meeting our quarterly targets and putting our customers and product first, CallTonic is a rising name in the contact centre industry.

We put our users first. We offer a 24/7 support line that you can reach us on for any questions, support or requests. Our goal is to provide the most efficient dialler on the system at the best available price.

Clear Voice Quality
No Installation Required
Bespoke Platform
Custom Pricing

Our Solution

Our team have worked tirelessly to ensure our users have the best cloud solution available to them. Unlike so many of our competitors, we're very proud to be flexible.

One solution does not fit all, is our belief. We strive to make every dialler bespoke to its owner, full of useful gadgets and features to simplify their day and keep a top of their process. Your platform will be the heart of your solution, it'll be how you contact your leads, generate your sales and measure your contact centres performance. We can all agree, it needs to be a pretty good system.

That's exactly what CallTonic is proud to present. Our dialler can integrate with a range of systems to ensure calls flow abundantly throughout your centre, your agents are motivated and performance is at its peak.

Our Customers Love Us!

And we love them!

  • CallTonic has transformed our business and set up some custom API hooks for us, sending information in directly from our landing page into our dialler. I can strongly recommend a chat, if even for the consultation!
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  • The agent interface is one our team enjoy along with the customisation that comes with the platform. We particularly enjoy the reports available that give our managers a full view of the day.
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  • Finally having an easy working call menu sends our customers where we need to go, the support team has been nothing short of gracious in assisting us get set-up and I can honestly not recommend them enough!!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How's the support?

Our dialler was made to be simple and our team aim to be reachable. We won't make you listen to questionable hold-music or leave you waiting for a fortnight. We pride ourselves in instant support, no problem too big or small. You can reach us through telephone, WhatsApp, live chat or our ticketing system. 

We'll be available, instantly.

Is there a minimum contract?

No way! That's for companies who aren't confident in their solutions. Pay only for what you use, in monthly increments.
It's as simple as that, no hidden costs, no additional fees, we'll cover it all before you buy.

How can I sign-up?

Send your details across on any of the forms available throughout our site, or just call in and speak to our sales team. You'll be in good hands, where we can find the product right for you.