A solution made bespoke for callers looking to increase and improve their contact rate and talk time. Through a number of calling options suitable for both B2C and B2B callers, we're excited to equip your agents with the tools required to increase your sales.

So, how does it work? 

That's a pretty great question.

There's lots of different modes on a dialler, but lets talk about the most common - the predictive dialler.

The predictive dialler makes calls on your behalf at a speed you've set. It runs on a complex algorithm that allocates calls to your agents as they become available, keeping talk-time high and wait-time low. Sounds great, right?

No pesky answer machines. No endless ringing. Just human contact. 

The second popular option, our preview dialler. For those agents who like to review their lead information before calling, providing you the opportunity to study your case before you begin. 

Both modes are packed with tons of features to make your experience smooth and streamline your processes. We believe there's an easy way to accomplish anything.

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Powerful Features

Call Recordings

PCI-DSS Compliance with 'Always On' Recording option. Available on your Cloud Solution for instant playback or download.

Analytical Reports

When we can interpret the numbers in a way we can understand, we see beauty in data. We offer deeply comprehensive reports that cover agent and data performance.

Call Menus

Direct calls to the right department with our call menu functionality, make the queue right for you. Custom hold music, number forwarding, voicemails supported.

Omnichannel Communications

Agent to Agent chat, SMS and emails delivered straight to your customers with ZERO action required from agents. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger (and more!) delivered straight to your panel.

Live Wallboard

A beautifully designed wallboard made to display contact centre performance, whilst giving managers monitoring tools.

100% Compliance

Pre-installed calling rules that can be activated upon request to stay in compliant with the legislation of over 20 countries.

CRM Integrations & API Posts

Send your data straight from your landing page into your dialler as soon as your leads land. Send call outcomes straight into your CRM after wrapping up. Streamline your processes.

Answer Machine Detection

Our state of the art answer machine detection ensures that your agents spend more time talking to contacts than leaving messages.

24/7 Support.
Dedicated Account Manager.
Bespoke System.
Onboarding Consultation.

Choosing your cloud platform is no small decision. After all, it's going to be one of core systems of your business.

CallTonic is proud to announce 24/7/365 support, available for all. From an award winning support team and industry leading consultants with in depth experience within data analysis and lead contact.

We have a clear policy of working together and never against. With an adaptable platform capable of catering for all tastes, prepare to experience connectivity like never before.

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Clear Voice Quality
No Installation Required
Bespoke Platform
Custom Pricing

Gamechanger Integrations

Integrate with some of the most powerful systems the market has to offer.

Experience a level of control like never before.

When our systems begin to communicate, it opens up grand possibilities and data streams to be interpreted. This data allows us to see a level of depth to our leads that has never previously been visible. 

The CallTonic Dialler offers two-way integration with all common CRMs and beyond, transmit lead data and comments in real-time between different departments, systems and teams.

Work Remote

Modern problems require modern solutions.

In a dynamic, revolving world that requires constant adaption, rest assured that CallTonic provides you the capability to work remotely.

Managers can view call centre analytics on the move, providing full access to knowledge wherever they are. Agents can make calls from their home office or on the go.

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