Cloud Phone System

A powerful phone system suitable for all sizes of business. With built-in call recording, PCI-DSS compliance and multi-layered
call menus, what's not to love?

After years of development, we're proud to present the CallTonic Phone System. 
An all in one package that's suitable for both the homeworker and the office worker. Easy to use, easy to deploy with competitive pricing.
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Powerful Features

Call Recordings

PCI-DSS Compliance with 'Always On' Recording option. Available on your Cloud Solution for instant playback or download.

Live Statistics

A live statistical breakdown on call amounts, total duration and agent performance.

Call Menus

Direct calls to the right department with our call menu functionality, make the queue right for you. Custom hold music, number forwarding, voicemails supported.

Unlimited Caller IDs

Assign multiple caller IDs to your extensions on demand, accommodate all your business locations.

Internal Communication

Reach out to your team seamlessly, message your colleagues and transfer calls in real time to ensure not a second is missed.

Fraud Alerts

Keep your business safe and costs low with built-in fraud protection to protect yourself from expensive calls, whether they be premium or international.

Crystal Clear Quality

CallTonic takes great pride in the strong relationships built with industry leading telecommunication companies to ensure your calls are clear and without delay. 

Good quality leads to good performance. Statistically, we are at our best when we have the best equipment to work with.

Our routes are a hidden gem amongst competitors that remain unchallenged. Our service operates on a global scale, that experiences constant evaluation to ensure the best service is being provided to our end users.

Not only are the routes of high quality, but remain at competitive pricing to ensure the best for our users.

Instant Recording Playback

Experience instant playback, recordings ready to be extracted moments later.
Our platform ensures you keep your recordings for compliance purposes.

Download your recordings or stream them on our online portal with ease.
Our Smart Recording enables recording on your calls by simply putting your traffic through us. 
Leave nothing to chance.

Our platform comes built in with PCI-DSS protocols that can be activated at the press of a key.

Clear Voice Quality
No Installation Costs
Live Statistics
Competitive Pricing


In order for a team to work together efficiently, they must communicate effectively.

CallTonic is proud to present our in-app chat capabilities, made to support work from home employees.

Easily update your CRM after each call through a pop-up note function that helps you keep track of your appointments so you never miss a note. Gone are the days of having three different systems and a calendar to keep track of your activities. Find everything you need within the CallTonic Cloud System.

Our Pricing
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We've designed our pricing to cater for all tastes.
However, we understand not all requests are the same. Want to talk about something custom?
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Pay As You Go

£0.01 Geographic Landline
£0.03 Standard Mobile


per extension/monthly

All Inclusive

All Geographic Landlines & Standard Mobile included + more!


per extension/monthly