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Why CallTonic?

Increase talk-time. Increase sales.
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Experience matters. Within a rapidly evolving industry that requires constant adaption & critical performance, experience prevails. We know our system, and we want you to know us. 99.9% uptime. 24/7 support.
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The Call Tonic system is ready to grow at a whims notice. Based on an elastic infrastructure, we’re ready to support your growth. A cloud system accessible anytime, anywhere.
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Built in data encryption locked behind a firewall, built to last and protect you and your data from malicious activity. Procedures and processes put in place from years of experience to place you first.
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A worldwide audience means a worldwide approach to compliance to ensure you have the appropriate frameworks in place to stay compliant with local legislation.
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Increase Sales Conversion

We don’t like answer machines, or ringing tones. That’s why the CallTonic predictive dialler comes packed with an advanced answer machine detection feature and the ability to efficiently filter through non-human answers automatically.

Maximise your agent talk time by calling thousands of numbers a day through our bespoke platform.

Powerful Features

Call Recordings

PCI-DSS Compliance with 'Always On' Recording option. Available on your Cloud Solution for instant playback or download.

Analytical Reports

When we can interpret the numbers in a way we can understand, we see beauty in data. We offer deeply comprehensive reports that cover agent and data performance.

Call Menus

Direct calls to the right department with our call menu functionality, make the queue right for you. Custom hold music, number forwarding, voicemails supported.

Omnichannel Communications

Agent to Agent chat, SMS and emails delivered straight to your customers with ZERO action required from agents. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger (and more!) delivered straight to your panel.

Live Wallboard

A beautifully designed wallboard made to display contact centre performance, whilst giving managers monitoring tools.

Broadcast Calling

Call multiple numbers at the same time with a premade message. This service is perfect for those calling opted-in customers with an urgent announcement/offer.

Working With

Seamless Integration

Providing intelligent two way integration that lets your systems communicate and deliver a single view of your customer interactions.

Post lead information from your landing page into your CallTonic Predictive Dialler instantly, update all customer interactions in real-time under one database. We plug directly into your CRM to simplify day to day interactions, ensuring a moment is never missed and an update is never forgotten.

  • Two way encrypted system posting.
  • Completely set-up, integrated and installed by your friendly CallTonic Support Team
  • Intelligent pathways that let you customise outcomes based on customer interaction.

It's the tonic way.

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We’re young, but we’re growing fast. Think you have what it takes? We’re waiting. Work is empowerment. We’re doing this the tonic way.

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Join the frontline and help us provide the ground-breaking support that we all love.

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Our Cloud Solution

The CallTonic predictive dialler is an easily scalable cloud solution made for call centres of all sizes. Created to be user friendly for both your managers and your agents. Streamline your business processes by using an omnichannel platform that is fully adaptable to your business type. Our platform requires no hardware to be installed, our five star support team provide a private one to one training to fully equip you with the skills you need to run an efficient call centre using our platform.

Our team are specialists with many years of experience working within both the call centre and telecommunication industry. Ensure every call has value and that it’s routed to the team you feel is most appropriate to handle it, through our advanced call menu options. With a range of service packages, rest assured that premium support will always be available.

We aim to build a long, fruitful relationship with our customers to ensure that they get the best value out of our platform and that there are no limits that can’t be surpassed.

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